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  The Bedford Park Communications unit consists of 6 dispatchers and a 911 coordinator. As technology advances so quickly, the communications department strives to stay on top. We completely renovated and upgraded the 911 center in 2006. This update certified our center as Phase II compliant. This means that most cellular 911 calls will get pinpointed on a map by latitude and longitude.
As of 2008, there are 6,000 active business and residential phone lines in the village. The dispatchers are responsible for answering 15 incoming administrative phone lines along with 5 emergency 911 lines. In the past year, we have answered 22,930 calls on our non-emergency lines and 8,564 on the 911 lines.
Along with the latest technology, the communications center is equipped with Reverse 911™. This system is able to provide mass notifications of emergencies within our community. The system has also recently been upgraded with Guardian Calling™. This lets the communications center monitor the well being of seniors or other homebound individuals by scheduling automatic “check in” calls.

9-1-1 Coordinator
Adrienne Svetich

Phone: 708.458.3388


  6701 S. Archer Ave. Bedford Park, Illinois 60501          
  Non-Emergency- 708.458.3388          
  Email- Police@BedfordParkPD.com          
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